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Farewell Sessions

Saying goodbye to a loved one is always incredibly difficult.  Often, afterwards, we lament missed opportunities. 

When I had to let go of my beloved Zigga, I realized that I did not have any photos of myself WITH her.  When I asked for a simple phone snap of me with her, I was shamed into rescinding my request.  Several years later, I am still heartbroken that I do not have a photo of me with her.

When my dear friends were faced with having to say goodbye to their newly adopted kitten, I had a similar epiphany.  I had only done portraits of Spanky by himself, at their request.  I shared my realization with them and offered to do an emergency family portrait before they said goodbye to their beloved Spanky.  It was an emotionally charged session, full of grief, love, and laughter, readily apparent in every photograph.  Over the next several weeks, my friends shared the incredible comfort and peace the photos from that session gave them.  And that is how the the “Farewell Sessions” were born.

Starting at $300.00 USD.

Since time is critical, please email me immediately with Farewell Session in the subject line.  In the message, please include your name, loved one's name (and specie),  location of the shoot, phone number, and acceptable hours of contact. 

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