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Tenay's G(luten-free) Spots

As a long-time diagnosed Celiac (over a decade), cross-contamination procedures are incredibly important to me.  Tenay's Yays are reserved only for Celiac Sprüe friendly places who also serve amazing food!  Amazing photos will help tell my story and tantalize you to support these businesses.


If there were any concerns that the food was unsafe, that the staff did not take Celiac Sprüe seriously, no matter how good the food was, it cannot make my Yays.  


However, this does not mean that only Certified/Gluten-free Dedicated places can make my yays, or that each Celiac should not perform their own due diligence to ensure their safety when patronizing these establishments.

Lastly, I really am a foodie, always have been.  I cried the first many years of my diagnosis, every time I had to sit down and eat some bland-cardboard-tasting Gluten Free food (which was EVERYTHING Back then), so DO NOT mistake this for a health blog or a diet blog.  I like to tell people, "My intestines may have died, but my tastebuds did not!" (I understand that this is medically inaccurate--go with it :) )

Any establishment that had a gross misunderstanding of what Gluten Free means (such as thinking a shared fryer is A.OKAY for Celiacs), makes me feel unsafe, or worse "glutens" me, automatically goes on this list.

If the food was subpar and the experience was difficult to navigate,  an establishment  might also end up on this list.

This blog will focus on the reasons why I felt the environment was unsafe for Celiacs and errors made during my experience.  


If it falls into the first category of Nay's, no photos will be included in the posting.

If the establishment was safe with diligence but the food was only passable, photos may be included.  

I highly recommend skipping these establishments or specific locations.

As a Celiac, safety really is the most important to me, despite my love of food.  It hurts my foodie heart to say that.  


That means, generally, no matter how horrible the food is, all Dedicated Gluten Free facilities will at least make this list.  

Additionally, it means, that an establishment with AMAZING food, but in need of diligent oversight to stay safe can only make an Okay.

Dependent on why a restaurant made this list, will determine the focus of the review.

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