$24.99 each plus tax

includes print release

*20% discount per additional ordered in same order

Raw Cuts

What is a Raw Cut?

A Raw Cut has been carefully edited to keep the integrity of the moment.  This is accomplished with adjustments to exposure, color, sharpness.  As an additional step, hand detailing is done around faces to reduce helmet shadows (when applicable).   The image is meticulously checked for lens spots and (almost all are) cropped to standard 8x10 dimensions.

The result is a professional piece that you will be proud to print and hang in your home.  Since you are buying the digital full size file, you have full agency over what size and medium will do it justice.

Please note, that not every photo taken that day is in this gallery.  I did my best to edit with an eye toward diversity and action, which means I tried to not process too many photos of the same competitor, and I may also have inadvertently missed including someone.  If you want more options of a specific athlete, or do not see the athlete you are looking for, PLEASE email me (include the first name of the athlete and if possible, helmet color, skateboard, and outfit worn that day)!

*Proofs are severely reduced in size and quality

*finished client pieces will not have a stamp or signature unless specifically requested


Email the image number(s) and the type of edit for each image.


I will email you an invoice, and once payment has cleared, the images will be processed and delivered via the same email.